Specialty Acts & Variety Entertainment

Whether you are looking for a customized show with beautifully costumed characters dancing to a choreographed routine designed to fit your needs, or thematic cirque performers and beyond ... we can provide and even customize the perfect entertainment approach for your event.

Consider this list of suggestions to tantalize your creative juices:

Unique Vendors & Artisans

Are you looking for unique talent for your Special Event? Perhaps the perfect keepsake for your guests to take home with them? We have an extensive list to choose from!

Below is a list of some of the possibilities to get you started:

Film & Television Production Services

Here you'll find a sampling of even more of what we provide. Please inquire about any of your needs:

Music for Film, TV & New Media

Let Milestone Productions, Inc. assist you with your Film/TV, Trailer, Commercial, Industrial or New Media project by providing just the right original recorded music. We have outstanding composers that work in state of the art recording environments, with real credits under their belts. We are ready to compose new material that fits your specific music needs and vision, or provide non-exclusive material that is already recorded and ready to license. We provide true to genre material with outstanding production values!

Past credits by some of our composers include:

Music & Entertainment for Corporate Events

There are many types of corporate events that make use of entertainment. An Opening General Session many times includes entertainment that can add excitement and present the overall theme of the meeting. Cocktail Receptions many times use entertainment meant to provide a backdrop for conversation, perhaps an acoustic or smaller ensemble, or pre-recorded music with a DJ. Awards or Gala events, usually the last event in a series of meetings, can make use of many options, from celebrity entertainers to exciting bands providing dance music or other options that will leave the attendees with a feeling of excitement and looking forward to the next meeting. There may be a theme that includes vendors and specialty acts as listed here on our site. There are many different types of corporate entertainment and Milestone Productions, Inc. is your one stop source for all your needs! Feel free to contact us for a free consultation or to request a proposal.

Music & Entertainment for Social Events

Whether you are planning a Wedding Ceremony and Reception, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a Birthday Party, or an Anniversary Celebration, Milestone Productions, Inc. is here to provide all of your Music and Entertainment needs. Whether it's a backyard party or an extravagant affair for hundreds ... or thousands of guests, we can provide any combination of Live Bands and Ensembles, DJs, Dancers, Vendors and Specialty Acts. We are available for free consultations and proposals to help you decide. We also manage everything at the event, so you and your guests can enjoy it!